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This map showing four levels of walking routes:
1. The pramiry circlulation routes.
2. Key wayfinding routes.
3. Secondary routes.
4. Secluded routes.


This old map is showing the scale of London in 1680. Now, London is tens of times larger than it was.

This map is showing the location of London in UK.

London Transport Museum

      In london, you may travel by various ways–bus, railway, tube, cab, ship…

      Nowadays, as a modern city in the world, London not only focus on how to travel more faster, but also cares about life quality of everyone. You will find even walking in london is a kind of pleasure.

     Compared with Beijing, Shanghai, and other metropolis in developing countries, London has 1000 reasons to be proud of its transportation.

Walk ImprovementAbbott Road – accessibility scheme

Walk ImprovementBedfont Road – footbridge

Walk ImprovementGrants Quay Wharf – new riverside path

Walk ImprovementKey walking route – Long Acre Works