London’s Chinese Community
Chinese community was formed in eastern London in 18th century, then gradually moved to SOHO in the center of London. In past five years, the quantity of Chinese came from mainland China has doubled, and the quantity of Chinese came from Hongkong increased 33%.

Up to now, more than 80,000 Chinese live in London. Though they live both in downtown and suburban districts, the majority Chinese live in five districts: Barnet, Southwark, Westminster, Ealing and Tower Hamlets.

Community Support Network
China is one of the most rapid developing countries in the world. London attracted one third of total China’s investment in U.K, which is 50% of all China investment in Europe. There are more than 360 big Chinese companies located in Chinese communities. The prosperity of Chinese business community is due to its highly developed support network. Main government institutions here including the PRC Embassy in London, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office and the Hong Kong Trade Development Development Bureau.

Living in London
Chinese Community, is one of the largest and oldest communities in London. Chinese community service centers throughout the city, provided for the Chinese a range of all-around services, such as language courses, cultural seminars and everything.


In 2006 and 2007, more than 3,400 Chinese StudiesStudents graduating from the London University. The trend that Chinese students come to London to have better education is increasing.

Many Chinese schools open Mandarin and Cantonese courses on Saturdays. Some of them unite with Church of Christ in London. They mainly concentrated in the north of London, including Caritas, Wang Youde Memorial school, and many other Chinese schools.

For those who like Chinese food, London is absolutely a super nice place. Various types of Chinese restaurants spread over the whole London. The most concentrated area is the Chinatown in Soho area. There are two particular famous restaurants: luxurious Hakkasan in Bloomsbury and Qiu’s Teahouse in Soho area.

Food store and super market
To meets the needs of Chinese restaurants and Chinese communities, in recent years, many authentic Chinese food stores and supermarkets sprang up like emerge. London’s largest Chinese food supermarket chain is the He Xing, which have branches in all London districts. Similarly other Chinese supermarkets also spread over the city.

London has an organized healthcare network of the London Chinese Community, which contains more than 100 Chinese health and medical centers. It provides a series of bilingual services and specialist treatment, including acupuncture, auxiliary treatment and massage.

Art and Culture
London has its own China Film Association, Chinese dance, Mime Theatre and the Chinese Symphony Orchestra. There are also tens of Chinese community associations in London. Each association hold on several or tens of activities every month, which greatly enriches Chinese leisure lives. Particularly, during the “China Week”, to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival, various celebrations will be held here, such as film shows, celebration gathering, traditional culture shows and exhibitions. All associations are in the charge of London Chinese Cultural Centre.

Bookstore, Library and Medias
Chinatown has a wide range of Chinese books, magazines and newspapers for Chinese to read. There are also some Chinese Books library here. For example, West Min Chinese Temple library has more than twenty thousand types of Chinese books, and another 20 kinds of newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) offers a series of Mandarin Chinese language news
station, broadcasting, Education and cultural services. London daily Radio also has Guangdong Language programs.

Religion London is a center for all the religions. There are thousands of churches, temples and mosques throughout the city. There are London Chinese Church of Christ for Chinese Christian to gather and pray in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.